Philips GC557/30 vertical steamer, Paphos - Sale advertisements, Price 150 €, Published: 09.06.2022

    Philips GC557/30 vertical steamer

    150 €
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    09.06.2022 8:59 PM

    Andrew Cyprus

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    Paphos, Cyprus
    Year of purchase 12.2020 hardly used. We bought it in Moscow and left for Cyprus ourselves, moved it here in August ‘21, so use only from August, count half a year, it’s a convenient thing. But now we are moving again, unfortunately I can’t take it with me, it’s a pity to sell it, but there is nowhere to go. I don’t deal with deliveries, I sell by self-delivery from the center of Paphos. With the Philips steamer GC557/30, it's easy to keep curtains, drapes, casual wear and décor attire neat and tidy. FOR ANY MATERIAL You no longer need to worry that you can burn through thin silk or airy organza. The jet of steam will not damage the fabric, even if you bring the appliance very close. It is enough to choose the optimal mode from the five available. For jeans, coats, or other heavy items, you can use the brush head for more effective smoothing. CONVENIENT AND SAFE The movable nozzle and innovative FlexHead technology make it easy to steam the bottom of clothes without having to bend over. Don't worry if you forget to turn off your Philips GC557/30 and the water tank is empty. The steamer will automatically switch to standby mode, so it will not overheat or fail. 99.9% BACTERIA PROTECTION Continuous steam helps remove odors and eliminate 99.9%* of bacteria. Independently tested for efficacy against the following bacterial species: Escherichia coli 8099, Staphylicoccus aureus ATCC 6538, Canidia albicans ATCC 10231 (when steamed for 1 minute).