Lavender mountain honey and more, Pyla - Sale advertisements, Price 10 €, Published: 19.11.2021

    Lavender mountain honey and more

    10 €
    9:50 PM 19.11.2021

    жанна супруненко

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    Pyla, Larnaca District, Cyprus
    ❤ And we have delicious homemade products🔥 with delivery! 💥 Available daily at Dhekelia near Lordos Hotel opposite the bowling alley If you want to order: 🌳Fresh homemade aromatic Cyprus Olive Oil Extra Virgin 5 euro 1 liter 🍯Fresh June lavender mountain Cypriot honey from the legendary Lefkara without heat treatment, without sugar, natural 10 euros 650 ml (1kg). Olives green and black in a vacuum of 250 grams, the price is 2.5 euros per package and 1 kg 5 euros in water. 🍢 Homemade freshest Halumi 50/50 from goat and cow milk, if you are not sure what you can pick up, then you cannot order! Because we want everyone to get fresh Halloumi and I will have to eat yours if you don’t pick it up :) because we won’t leave it in the fridge and sell it later, the price is 15 euros 1 kg Then to order, even if you are our regular customer, please write to ls or to the number 📌number 📌city 📌 phone number, it is obligatory to indicate it in the message every time, since I do not have an electronic database and I will simply write this data together with the order in a notebook and your number is needed in case of changes in the schedule, etc. 😋 All the best !!! Happiness, good luck, love !!!!!!! 🐝