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    Satellite television

    3 400 ₽
    9/30/2019, 1:38 PM

    Спутниковое Телевидение

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    Abinsk, Krasnodarskiy Kray, Russia
    Leading staff specialist of MTS in the field of Satellite TV, more than three years of experience working with MTS television and more than 1000 satisfied subscribers have already made an order with me! The price is for the receiver (prefix)  A complete set of Satellite TV includes:  a receiver (receiver) or a Cam-module to choose from, an antenna with a high-quality dish and a reliable mount to withstand hurricane winds, a converter, an F-connector, a coaxial cable of 10 meters, an AV cable, and even an HDMI cable of 1.5 meters - for only 3990 rubles  UNIQUE PROMOTION OF MTS Company "RETURN 3990!" , with a guaranteed return of the entire amount to your bonus account, from which you can pay a monthly fee and connect additional packages !!! A month of viewing as a gift! FREE DELIVERY in the Krasnodar Territory and Adygea. Our advantages:  ✅ Subscription fee for the basic package (193 channels) - only 1,600 rubles per year.  ✅ Drawing up contracts at your home - no visits to shops or salons are required.  ✅ INSTALLMENTS for 3 or 6 months.  ✅ 13 children's channels are already in the basic channel package. You can watch your favorite shows 2, 4, 7 hours earlier!  ✅ The ability to pay per view per month (175 or 250 r)  ✅ The ability to connect the Internet along with television !!!  ✅ Full package of services: high-quality installation, tuning the antenna with professional high-sensitivity equipment, connecting to a TV and activating viewing.  ✅ Receivers with support for HD and the modern HEVC 265 video codec, which do not have to be changed !!!  ✅ Warranty not only for equipment, but also for all work performed !!!  ✅ Confident signal reception in any settlement in the region!  All details by phone.