Taxi driver without interest and commissions (daily payment), - Sale advertisements, Price 120 000 ₽, Published: 06.08.2019

    Taxi driver without interest and commissions (daily payment)

    120 000 ₽
    06.08.2019 12:13 AM


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    Do you know what UBER, GETT taxi, YANDEX taxi is? Do you know the BLA BLA CAR service? So, we took the best from these services and combined them into one! "Taxphone" is an innovative mobile application that combines the idea of ​​a taxi and passing transportation. Drivers required!!! ONLY WITH PERSONAL CAR!!! no plan!!! There are no fees or commissions! daily reckoning!!! transparency of applications (you can see all the information about the order: who, where, for how much). each driver will be able to set their own criteria for applications (a feature under development). the subscription fee for using the application is only 20 rubles per day, the rest is what yours earned!!! available on android & ios one app for driver and passenger!!! there is an opportunity to create your own customer base!! download the "payphone" application, enter the free activation code: 77782528 and enjoy your work!!! Special promotion!!! Download the application "taxphone" right now and do not pay a subscription fee for 2 months!!! a unique opportunity to create your own "online" taxi fleet !!! there is an interesting offer for the enterprising your free activation code in the Payphone application - 77782528.
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