Settler, loader, handyman, Cheboksary - Sale advertisements, Price 44 000 ₽, Published: 20.11.2020

    Settler, loader, handyman

    44 000 ₽
    5:44 AM 20.11.2020

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    Cheboksary, Chuvashia, Russia
    work in a warehouse, packing, packing, kompleksovka the goods. Requirements: adequacy ability to work at a fast pace. Attention and accuracy. Diligence and activity. It is possible without experience. Conditions: Working on a rotational basis at the warehouses of the largest plants. Different watch periods of 30, 45, 60 shifts. Shifts of 11 working hours with an hour break for lunch and rest, shifts both day and night. Convenient change of work schedule 5/2, 6/1. Each of our employees we provide and guarantee: Official and free employment under an employment contract in accordance with the requirements of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation - (We are a DIRECT EMPLOYEE)! Registration to us in the state and settling in the hostel on the day of treatment; Well-organized hostel (shower rooms, washing machines, sanitary units on the floor, dining room); 3-time full-fledged hot meals in the dining hall of the hostel; Delivery of staff from the hostel to the factory for shift work and back by our corporate transport; Competitive and timely wages; Payment of advances every two weeks or upon request; Assistance in the design of a medical book; Working clothes are issued on each of the objects; Wages are indicated for a shift of 45 shifts, with an increase in the duration of the watch, wages are increasing. Training in the course of work.