? Clock Speaker bt Radio Alarm clock t˚ 2USB Mirror, Iskitim - Advert to sell, Price 1 790 ₽, Posted: 2/18/2019

    ? Clock Speaker bt Radio Alarm clock t˚ 2USB Mirror

    1 790 ₽
    2/18/2019, 12:23 PM

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    Inlife K11 - desktop digital LED-clock with Bluetooth 4.2 speaker, player, radio, speakerphone, thermometer, 2 alarms, 2 USB ports with the ability to charge gadgets, MicroSD, AUX, display mirror. Power supply 220V. ---------- FEATURES ---------- ✔ Very effective, modern, minimalistic design. Big stylish button-wheel. Frosted soft-touch soft-touch plastic does not leave fingerprints. When you turn off the backlight display turns into a full-fledged mirror. ✔ 4-inch LED display with large numbers and three levels of brightness - and it is clearly visible during the day and does not interfere at night. 2 modes of time - 12/24 hours. Shows time, day of week, temperature, current modes of operation. ✔ Speaker with the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology and 16 levels of volume control provides clear, smooth sound. Not wheezing even at maximum volume, which is very commendable for speakers of this size. ✔ Digital FM radio with autoscan and autosave stations. It catches well when installing an audio cable as an antenna (included). You can set the alarm as an alarm or, on the contrary, to fall asleep by activating the Sleep function - the timer for 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes. ✔ MP3 player with microSD memory cards or USB flash cards. Volume control, pause and switch tracks - on the device. The display shows only the track number. ✔ Two USB ports for charging electronic devices - phones, tablets, watches, headphones, etc. One of the ports also reads music from flash drives. ✔ Two alarms, one-button on and off quickly and conveniently, smooth volume up, dosypany function, the ability to select the alarm melody from the memory card (not included), radio or peak-signal. ✔ The built-in backup battery (CR-2032 battery, included) helps to maintain the alarm time and settings when there is a power failure. ✔ The "Speakerphone" function will let you know about the incoming call on the phone, as well as talking on the speakerphone.