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    toilet water AROMANIA

    300 ₽
    8/18/2020, 12:10 PM

    Екатерина Долматова

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    Kemerovo, Kemerovskaya Oblast', Russia
    AROMANIA Collection - REAL AROMA DESIGNER CHOOSE AROMA and wear it as an independent perfume. COMBINE MULTIPLE AROMAS by layering them on top of each other when applied to the skin. What aroma will accompany you today depends only on your mood. Aromania Violet eau de toilette - a delicate powdery fragrance with fresh herbal nuances, romantic and refined, like love itself! Aromania Lilac Eau de Toilette will wrap yourself in the scent of your favorite flowers! A gentle, sweetish composition will fill the day with carefree joy. Aromania Bergamot eau de toilette is a citrus composition that will give the freshness of a summer morning! Aromania Amber Eau de Toilette holds aromatic notes of other ingredients. This is especially true for warm and sweet notes. In itself - a luxurious, sensual, viscous, sweet-spicy, oriental aroma.