Repairman for washing dishwashers, coffee makers, electric stoves, kettles, vacuum cleaners, power tools, refrigerators., Magnitogorsk - Sale advertisements, Price 156 ₽, Published: 01.06.2022

    Repairman for washing dishwashers, coffee makers, electric stoves, kettles, vacuum cleaners, power tools, refrigerators.

    156 ₽
    01.06.2022 7:27 AM

    Вячеслав Добрый

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    Magnitogorsk, Russia
    PRIVATE MASTER. NOT A COMPANY. I work in all districts of Magnitogorsk URGENT repair of refrigerators of any complexity of all brands and models. REPAIR of washing machines and dishwashers of all makes and models. I travel to any part of the city and region! Departure and exact diagnostics FREE OF CHARGE in case of further repair. High-quality and fast repair WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES at home. INSTALLATION and CONNECTION of the dishwasher and washing machine. Prices are lower than firms by 30-40%!!! I arrive promptly, repair qualitatively, work for the result. Original spare parts available for any model. I estimate the complexity of the breakdown, we will discuss the price. Repair of refrigerators only after agreeing on the cost, payment after verification. WARRANTY for repairs from 12 months. Refrigerator repair: Thermostat replacement, freon filling, compressor replacement, gasket replacement, hinge replacement, electronic board repair, fan replacement, heating element replacement, refrigerator relay replacement, freon leak elimination, door re-hangling, water tank replacement, fuse replacement. FREQUENTLY SOLVED DAMAGES OF WASHING MACHINES: Correction of errors of the previous master / Does not drain, Does not heat, Does not wring out / Does not turn on, Does not start modes, washing / Indicators are on, but the machine does not start / Does not turn the drum, Does not rinse, Washes for a long time / The hatch does not open, The door does not block / Broke knob, Freezes, Flashes / Knocks, Noises, Rattles, Vibrates / Knocks out traffic jams. Knocks out the machine / Shocks, Does not wash off the powder / Flows, Leaks / Does not draw water, Does not fill in water / Gives an error, error codes / Does not switch modes / Turns off during washing / Burning smell, Unpleasant smell / A foreign object has got in / Constantly gaining and merges. So repair of coffee makers, electric stoves, kettles, vacuum cleaners and much more without which you can not do in everyday life !!!