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    Antiparasitic formula Antigelm Greenway

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    Our immune system is far from always able to withstand the development of parasitic diseases. Most of them occur in a chronic form, and dealing with them is not easy. Moreover, antiparasitic drugs are a rather narrow pharmaceutical group of often toxic agents. Introducing ANTIGELM Supplements - a natural, effective and non-toxic means of controlling worms and protozoa. Against the background of cleansing the body of helminths, protozoa and their metabolic products, digestion and immunity are enhanced - including the ability to withstand the development of parasitic diseases. BAA ANTIGELM Effective against various classes of parasites. Helps relieve allergic symptoms caused by parasite metabolism products. It has an anthelmintic effect associated with the action of the bitterness of glycosides and gallotannins (tanatsetin, santonin, ketone-β-thujone) contained in black walnut, tansy, peel and grapefruit seeds. It has a detrimental effect on helminth eggs, protozoan cysts and the accompanying putrefactive intestinal microflora due to the presence of citric acid, essential oils and organic acids in grapefruit, black walnuts and cloves. Helps normalize the digestive system. Increases the body's defenses. Recommendations for use: adults, 1 capsule 2 times a day with meals.