Doctor \ Chef play set 2 in 1 double-sided, Moscow - Sale advertisements, Price 1 100 ₽, Published: 23.01.2021

    Doctor \ Chef play set 2 in 1 double-sided

    1 100 ₽
    23.01.2021 1:47 PM

    Наталия Т.

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    Doctor \ Cook play set My profession 2 in 1 double-sided - bright double-sided set, on the one hand you can play as a doctor, and on the other - as a cook. Includes 15 accessories: a phonendoscope, scissors, 2 jars, a syringe, a hammer, a thermometer, a saucepan with a lid, a frying pan with a lid, a salt shaker, a pepper shaker, 2 kitchen items, scrambled eggs and a piece of meat. Dimensions 37.5x37.5x51.5 cm. Dimensions of the phonendoscope 51x13 cm scissors 10.5x4.5 cm syringe 15x6x3 cm thermometer 12x3.5x2 cm. The dimensions of the pan are 12.5x7.5x7.5 cm. The pans are 15x8.5x5.5 cm. The columns are 3x3x6.5 cm. The length of the scapula is 13 cm. The diameter of the scrambled eggs is 5.5 cm. New in a box 54x13x36 cm I can bring inexpensively from 9 to 22 o'clock Moscow and the region
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