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    Fresh tea for men's health Greenway

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    Premier tea of ​​the TeaVitall collection was created manually according to the original recipe from high-quality Chinese tea of ​​the Red Spiral variety and Ceylon tea of ​​the Emerald Peak variety with the addition of fireweed, tea penny, licorice, pepper, cloves and ginger. The balanced formula of Premier opens up new possibilities for restoring and maintaining health, and the bright taste and unique aroma will allow you to enjoy every minute of tea drinking. Thanks to the spicy notes of pepper, cloves and ginger, the bouquet of the drink reveals a rich taste and bright aroma. Due to such a strong adaptogen as fireweed tea helps to overcome age-related problems, gives a feeling of strength and confidence. How to brew and drink Pour tea at the rate of 1-2 teaspoons per cup, pour hot water at a temperature of about 90 ° C and let it brew for 7–9 minutes. Ingredients: narrow-leaved fireweed (leaf); Chinese tea "Red Spiral"; Ceylon tea "Emerald Peak"; Ural licorice (root); allspice (fruits); ginger (root); cloves (fruits); tea penny (root). Greenway tea in amazing packaging will serve as a wonderful gift for any occasion.