Military tractor "shield" with a helicopter, Moscow - Advert to sell, Price 978 ₽, Posted: 3/29/2019

    Military tractor "shield" with a helicopter

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    Military tractor "Shield" with oigr helicopter for boys from 3 years. Military tractor "Shield" with a helicopter - a powerful military tractor from the military ("Military") series. Military tractor "Shield" with a helicopter is a great opportunity to realistically learn military equipment, using it in role-playing games. Military shield "Shield" with a helicopter includes: tractor, helicopter, mounts. oigr Package size: 56 x 26.5 x 25 cm. The size of the tractor: 53 x 19 x 18.5 cm. The length of the tractor with an open platform: 70 cm. Wheel diameter: 8 cm. Size of the helicopter: 38 x 16.5 x 11 cm. The width of the helicopter on the wings: 27 cm. Country owner of the brand: Russia. The military shield “Shield” with an oigr helicopter is convenient for placing soldiers (sold separately), the wide blades of the helicopter can be scrolled. The helicopter can be held on a military vehicle. Military shield "Shield" during movement. oigr Military tractor "Shield" with a helicopter - Great Gift !!! Military tractor "Shield" with a helicopter where to buy:  FUUD CITY, 4 pav., 2nd floor, shop "Baby" oigr We work on Saturday too !!! Oigr