Mini scooter 3 in 1 with seat and two handlebars, Moscow - Sale advertisements, Price 1 900 ₽, Published: 16.09.2020

    Mini scooter 3 in 1 with seat and two handlebars

    1 900 ₽
    2 000.01 ₽
    16.09.2020 9:43 AM

    Наталия Т.

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    Three-wheeled scooter Mini 3 in 1 with a seat and 2 handlebars new Scooter is an original scooter for the little ones that transforms from a gurney into a regular scooter with an adjustable steering wheel. For this, the set includes two removable handlebars - an O-shaped one with a seat and a basket and a T-shaped one. The scooter is controlled by tilting the steering wheel Maximum load 40 kg (20 kg for seat). Dimensions 53.5x23x66 cm.The diameter of the front wheels is 12 cm, the diameter of the rear wheel is 8 cm. The height of the T-bar is 61-68-71 cm (three positions), the O-bar is 50 cm. The height of the seat is 21 and 27 cm. The weight of the scooter is about 2.3 kg The scooter consists of an aluminum frame, a plastic platform with an anti-slip surface and polyurethane wheels. The steering rack is adjustable, made of aluminum .. There is a foot brake For kids from one year old, the scooter can be used as a gurney by placing an O-shaped steering wheel with a seat and a basket for various little things (2 seat positions in height are possible, seat load up to 20 kg). For older children (from 2 years old), you can remove the seat with a basket and use it as a scooter with an unusual round handle. And when the child grows up to 3 years old, then the O-shaped steering wheel can be replaced with a T-shaped one. New in box I can bring Moscow and the region inexpensively
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