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    Opal Ethiopian

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    11/19/2019, 11:57 AM

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    Elegant set (earrings and ring) with cabochons of natural Ethiopian noble gold opal. The main colors of opalescence are orange and green on a honey-yellow background. The set is made in 925 sterling silver. The ring size is 17.5. Kit production - India. The cosmic beauty of the stone made opal one of the most popular stones in nature. Only a noble (precious) stone has a characteristic iris with overflows. The healing properties of opal can be briefly described as a psycho-emotional regulator: It brings harmony and tranquility; Extinguishes passions; Relieves depression and irritability; Protects from stress, shock and anxiety; Strengthens friendship and facilitates communication; Clarifies consciousness; Helps to get rid of negative thoughts; Levels phobias and anger; Gives skill to use inspiration and intuition; Improves sleep, eliminates nightmares. Opal is used as an assistant to the evil eye, blows of fate and the intervention of black magic. The main quality is the ability to organize the life of its owner. With such an assistant at work and at home, cleanliness and order reign. The main meanings of stone in the East are loyalty and hope. Due to the variety of colors, the meaning of the stone changes: it predicts the variability and inconstancy of fate. In a positive sense, it promotes development, the absence of stagnation and monotony. Stone is a symbol of creative, gifted people. Earrings - length with studs 38 mm, without - 25 mm; size of cabochons in earrings 10 * 7 mm; ring - 17.5, cabochons size 10 * 9 mm.