switches and indicators and automation Kip and A, Moscow - Sale advertisements, Price 1 000 ₽, Published: 07.06.2022

    switches and indicators and automation Kip and A

    1 000 ₽
    50 ₽
    07.06.2022 6:24 PM

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    For fusible inserts holders. ngtc00 25pcs=50rub/pcs ngtc1 11pcs. =100rub/piece ngtc3 3pcs. =200rub/pc. Melting inserts. ngtc00 32a 5pcs ngtc00 50a 4pcs. ngtc00 80a 9pcs. ngtc00 100a 7pcs. ngtc00 125a 5pcs=150rub/pcs ngtc1 125a 6pcs. ngtc1 200a 5pcs=300rub/pcs ngtc3 560a 5pcs=500rub/pcs Schneider Electric Turn control relay. phase failure RM17TG00. 2 pcs. 2000 rubles / piece fuse holder rack with fuses in a set of 10 pcs. 32a=500 rub. auto switch off schneider A9F18210 IC65N 10A 6pcs=750rub. switches and indicators Schneider Electric xb4ba21 10pcs 300/piece xb4bd33 5pcs. 400/piece xb4bvm3 3pcs. 400/piece xb4bd21 4pcs. 350/piece xb4bvm4 5pcs. 400/piece xb4bd53 10pcs. 400/piece xb4bvb5. 1 PC. 400 rubles xb4bvb3 4pcs. 300/piece xb4ba31 2pcs. 300 rubles xb4bvb1 1pc. 300 rubles xb4bd41 1pc. 350 rub. zb4bd3 1pc. 250 rubles xa2ew33m1 1pc=300rub xb4bw33m5 1pc.700rub. zb2bvb31c 1pc. 400 rubles set with button Red. (as a gift) zb2bwb31c 1pc. 400 rubles set with green button. (as a gift) Schneider Electric auxiliary contact block. GVAE11. 2 pieces 300 rubles / piece GVAN11. 1 piece 300 rub. Schneider Electric contact block. zb2be101 10pcs zb2be102 10pcs =20pcs 700 rub. Indicator xb2bvb3lc 4pcs. xb2bvb4lc 2pcs. iek AD-22DS white 3pcs. red.3pcs. green 2pcs yellow.2pcs=16pcs.For800rub. Emergency button zb2bs14c 1pc.100rub. Photorelay FR-7E 1pc.500RUB. Lath Clamp type-setting ZNI-4mm2 50pcs. for 500 rub. Rack terminal wago 280 iec 60947-7-1 23pcs for 500 rub. Relay module MRS 24Vdc 1CO (8533640000) 4 pcs. for 1000 rub. Phoenix Contact Diode Module EMG90-DIO 32M No2954934. 5 pieces. 4 thousand EMG45-DIO 14M No2950129 5pcs. 2 thousand Schneider Electric Switch automatic three-pole ezc250n 125a 3 thousand. 1 PC. Automatic GV2ME20 with combined release. 1 thousand 1 PC. Magnetic starter/contactor LC1D18M7 2pcs. 2.5k/per 1pc and LC1D40AM7 1pc.5k Tips flat iek 100 pcs. blue 1.5-2.5 2 pcs. red 0.5-1.5 6 pcs. Fork red 1.25-3 3pcs=11pcs. For 500 rub. Sale from 1000 rub. Sending cash on delivery by mail of the Russian Federation or shopping mall. SDEC.
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