Car refrigerator / heater Portable, Moscow - Advert to sell, Price 4 500 ₽, Posted: 11/22/2019

    Car refrigerator / heater Portable

    4 500 ₽
    11/22/2019, 5:54 AM

    Екатерина Полухина

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    You will say thanks to you more than once by acquiring this assistant on the road. At least you will not regret a minute. Features of mini fridge / heater: 1. Widespread use: for long trips you do not need to spend money and mind to make chilled drinks / storage of fruits / heating food. 2. There are carrying straps, three holes on top can insert cups or bottles. 3. Use a hinged lid, you can easily store a refrigerator between the front seat and the armrest, and can also be placed in the car seat or trunk. 4. Small size and large capacity: large capacity of 7.5 liters. 5. Hot and cold can be easily changed, to the left of the switch for cooling, the right to heat; Powerful insulation, long-lasting ice cool, quiet low noise, energy saving. 6. Application: cold storage (fruits, drinks, general medicine, dairy products, skin care cosmetics); hot storage (food, coffee, baby milk, etc.) Product Parameters: 1. Color: blue 2. Material: plastic 3. Capacity: 7.5l 4. Power: 30 W 5. Input voltage: 12 V (type of car) or 220 V, 12 V (type of dual-use car) 6. Fuse Specifications: 10A 7. Heating temperature: heating to 65 ℃ or around 8. Cooling temperature: below ambient temperature about 5-10 ℃ 9. The refrigerator is equipped with a cooling fan, the fan will sound during operation. 10. Size: 31 * 17 * 30 cm 11. Packing size: 34x34x21cm The delivery price inside the Moscow Ring Road is free. The delivery price outside the Moscow Ring Road is 250 rubles + 10 rubles each km from the Moscow Ring Road. There are no deliveries on Sunday, but we accept orders for Monday.