Toy BTR (used, plastic, 37x15 cm), Nizhniy Novgorod - Advert to sell, Price 300 ₽, Posted: 2/22/2019

    Toy BTR (used, plastic, 37x15 cm)

    300 ₽
    2/22/2019, 9:28 AM

    Дмитрий Д.

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    Nizhniy Novgorod, Nizhegorodskaya Oblast', Russia
    I will sell - I will exchange a toy ... BTR - armored personnel carrier (used, plastic, 35x15 cm) Exact copy of the Military BTR of the USSR (ps .. unfortunately without a gun, and one gas tank, see photo 3, additional photo on request.) (description .... BTR - usually a wheeled or tracked amphibious combat vehicle for transporting infantry and fire support on the battlefield. The modern domestic four-axle with eight driving wheels BTR-80 weighs 13.6 tons, the speed on the highway (afloat) is 80 (9) km / h, power reserve of 600 km. Armament: 14.5-mm and 7.62-mm machine guns, housed in a single tower installation. The combat crew consists of a commander, a driver, a gunner and 7 shooters.) ------------ To pick up in the area of ​​Sovetskaya Square (delivery by mail, without overlay) see photo ... all add. info and photos for the sale and exchange of e-mail or your email. (I don’t communicate via SMS, immediately delete it, write to Yulu) ps..For those who do not want to spend money, you can exchange for other goods ... On leather jackets (like leather jacket) and vests, on Photo products: cameras, photo lenses, flashes, tripods, racks and others (photo enlargers should not be offered) , on slide projector and film strips, on muses. vinyl records (import, Russian ed. 90x, replica), on the record player otech. or imp. production, on the musical equipment ... on amplifiers, kombik, guitars, lotions, cords, etc .. On music Bluray, CD, DVD discs and blank blanks. On hiking suitcases, bags, backpacks for photos, tools or weapons and the like ... on old suitcases, big-small, on boxes for plates, tools, jewelry and so on. for IKEA boxes or similar ones, for gadgets 80-90x. Magazines, postcards and posters, posters with zap. and puff movie and music stars, with 80-90s action movies ... I can exchange ... for books, collected works and other publications until 1953, for magazines, postcards, photos, etc. 19th century or 20th century,. On the topic of space, and on the topic of weapons, equipment, aviation, shipping ... I will send the full list on demand to yulu ... Sending tariffs Russian Post.