Kitchen Gl 120x160 cm Coffee metallic MDF, Novosibirsk - Advert to sell, Price 24 663 ₽, Posted: 12/6/2018

    Kitchen Gl 120x160 cm Coffee metallic MDF

    24 663 ₽
    12/6/2018, 3:23 PM

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    Kitchen Glory 120x160 cm Coffee metallic MDF Stylish and compact corner kitchen set for those who value every inch of space in the kitchen. The unusual color of the coffee metallic facades makes the model even more expressive. And large drawers combined with spacious shelves - functional. In the headset: - Hinged corner cabinet 60x60 centimeters with a blind door and a shelf inside. - Two horizontal wall cabinet with a width of 60 centimeters, located one above the other. Open up, suitable for storing utensils or medium-sized household appliances. - Large hinged closet width of 80 centimeters with two hinged doors. Inside the cabinet - shelf. Height of wall cabinets 72 centimeters, depth 30 centimeters. Top cabinets are equipped with adjustable canopies for perfect placement on the wall. In addition to cabinets, we recommend to purchase a dryer for dishes of the size you need. - Floor cabinet with a width of 60 centimeters with two spacious drawers. - Angular floor cabinet under the sink. Round mortise sink - complete. - Floor cabinet with a width of 40 centimeters with two small and one large drawer. For opening of boxes guides of full promotion are used. The height of the floor cabinet tables is 85 centimeters, the depth is 51 centimeters. Complete with cabinets - shelves, table top and baseboard, as well as high-quality fittings. Holes for hinges for doors are made from the side declared by the customer. The facades of the headset are made of MDF shade "Coffee metallic", and the frame of chipboard white.