How to give change and win - a new book, Perm - Advert to sell, Price 50 ₽, Posted: 7/6/2019

    How to give change and win - a new book

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    7/6/2019, 9:13 AM

    Марина Л.

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    The book "Martial Arts". Absolutely new - sell out the remains from a closed outlet. In stock - 2 pieces. 10% discount on the code word "Marina Lapochkina Adverto". Tutorial in which: - the basics of the Russian style of hand-to-hand combat, with the inclusion of the best systems of foreign self-defense systems;  - told about the structure of man;  - described numerous techniques and methods of their use in different situations (to cope with an unarmed or armed opponent, one or several attackers). Hardcover, 224 pages Publishing House Ast (Moscow), Harvest (Minsk), 2003 Book size = 13cm x 20.7cm x 1.7cm To pick up - stop of the Gorky recreation center (Ordzhonikidze district). If you need to bring, with you - the fare on the bus to you and back. I do not answer SMS, but I chat in Adverto's chat, I do not follow the links, but I can call back. I can send by Post of Russia to any region. Call, please, at any time from 9-30 to 24-00