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    Reni perfume 100ml

    520 ₽
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    19.12.2020 12:05 AM

    Владимир Варанкин

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    Reni's bulk perfumery is not an original of well-known world brands, it is a collection of bulk perfume, which contains all the best versions of fragrances, made exclusively on the basis of French components, allowing them to retain their durability for 60 hours. The main advantage of the Reni brand is premium quality at the most favorable prices. After all, all extracts and the basis for future fragrances are created at specialized perfumery factories in France. The composition of Reni perfume contains about 15% of the perfume composition. At the same time, strict quality control is carried out at each stage. And the final product fully complies with international requirements and quality standards. Each bottle with perfumery is sealed with foil, which allows you to confirm the authenticity of the fragrance, its integrity and keep it from evaporation. There is also an important advantage that you can "clothe" your favorite fragrance in any plastic or glass bottle you like only. This allows you to highlight your taste and personality. Available for women: 127 Anais Anais (Cacharel) 304 FLOWER by KENZO 328 Hot Couture / Givenchy 331 AMOR AMOR 359 MOSCHINO FUNNY 361 Chanel No. 5 eau Premiere (Chanel) 374 Play for Her (Givenchy) 376 Acqua di Gioia / Giorgio Armani 382 LADY MILLION (Paco Rabanne) 436 OLYMPEA (P. Rabanne) 440 Fly High (Mexx) 468 Lanvin Jeanne (Lanvin) 475 Black Opium (Yves Saint Laurent) Men's fragrances: 210 XS (Paco Rabanne) 213 Lacoste L.12.12 White (Lacoste) 244 EGOIST PLATINUM (Chanel) 265 Boss (Hugo Boss) 273 STYLE IN PLAY (Lacoste) 298 LACOSTE L.12.12.NOIR (LACOSTE) The dosing pump is not included in the price I can deliver free of charge around the city if the purchase amount of goods from my profile is more than 1100 rubles. The exception is Hanging and Gaiva, there it is free for any amount. Call or write to the site. I can send by mail to Russia or Boxberry. Postage at my expense when the purchase amount is over 2500 rubles.
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