Serum in ampoules Innovation with Protinol 7x1,3g, Perm - Advert to sell, Price 440 ₽, Posted: 4/6/2020

    Serum in ampoules Innovation with Protinol 7x1,3g

    440 ₽
    4/6/2020, 2:11 PM

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    Face serum Avon Anew "Innovation" A product that restores collagen loss in just 1 week. Take the necessary step towards young, toned and toned skin! Thanks to the patented Avon Protinol technology, the new Anew ampoules become the absolute “game changer” in the fight for beautiful skin. Avon Launches the Age of Protinol Technology Visible wrinkle reduction and radiant and healthy skin are a sure result of cosmetics based on proretinol. Anew Skin Reset ampoule face serum is a unique product containing 7 ampoules, each ampoule of which contains an ideal daily dose. After one ampoule, your skin looks fresh and moisturized, after three elastic, rejuvenated and healthy, and after a full course of wrinkles are visibly smoothed, the skin becomes more firm and elastic. Mode of application Apply in the evening, on clean skin of the face and neck, under a night cream. New, expiration date 12/19/22 I can deliver around the city for free with the amount of the purchase of goods from my profile worth more than 1100 rubles. The exception is Visim and Gaiva, there is free for any amount. Call or write to the site. I can send by mail to any locality in Russia. Postage at my expense with a purchase amount of more than 2500 rubles For a one-time purchase of goods from my profile worth more than 1,500 rubles - a gift anniversary coin 25 rubles 2018 "World Cup in Russia"