Mamillaria, stapelia, plectrantus, malpighia, Saint Petersburg - Advert to sell, Price 150 ₽, Posted: 8/13/2019

    Mamillaria, stapelia, plectrantus, malpighia

    150 ₽
    8/13/2019, 6:26 AM

    Светлана Ш.

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    Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg, Russia
    Mamillaria adult plant for 150r Stapelia rooted stem from photo 2 for 60r sold, flowering of the mother plant in photo 3 Plectrantus with the smell of eucalyptus with photo 4 for 100r Malpigia glabra rooted cuttings with photo 5 for 200r Ahimenez Jennifer good with photo 7 for 150r glass, flowering - in photo 6. Chlorophytum laxum with photo 7 for 150r Bougainwellia Ausie Gold with photo 8 for 300, already bloomed, photo 9 its spring bloom Ahimenez Big Bang pot with photo 10 for 200r, its flowering in photo 11 Thai three-color tradescantia with photo 12 for 120r Transfer is possible at metro station Dybenko and Staraya Derevnya, in Kudrovo, on metro lines from Staraya Derevnya to Sadovaya and from Spasskaya to Dybenko by agreement.