Metal picket fence, Saint Petersburg - Sale advertisements, Price 50 ₽, Published: 18.03.2020

    Metal picket fence

    50 ₽
    18.03.2020 10:19 AM

    Андрей Малов

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    Metal picket fence - BEAUTIFUL FENCE NOT LIKE EVERYONE! Add to ⭐ Favorites so you don't get lost! ? BEST PRICE GUARANTEE ? When ordering the installation of a fence, we give a 5% discount on the material! ? Own production with a 2-year WARRANTY! ☑A contract with a reliable fleet of vehicles allows you to deliver finished products to the site on time! ☑ Buy from the manufacturer without extra charges and overpayments! ☑We will provide an INSTALLMENT PLAN on favorable terms! ------------------------------------------- ☎ CALL us! Special conditions until the end of the month! Parameters of a metal picket fence: ✔ MSh-70 profile, M-shaped; ✔ Metal thickness 0.45mm; ✔ Height of pickets 1m. ------------------------------------------- ⚡ Metal Euroshtaketnik is a new modern innovative generation of fences and an excellent replacement for old type fences. ☝ One-sided and two-sided coating. A wide range of colors according to the Ral catalog and wood-like textures, more than 90 options. ☝ The service life of a fence made of a metal euro-fence is up to 50 years! Available colors are ALWAYS AVAILABLE in 1 day: STANDARD COLORS ☑Coloring two-sided, color RAL 8017/6005/7024/3005/9003/1015 NON-STANDARD COLORS ☑Antique oak (double-sided) ☑Golden oak (double-sided) ☑ Cherry (one-sided, matching back side) ☑Covering Velor (shagreen on one side, reverse side color) ------------------------------------------- WE INVITE TO COOPERATION: CONSTRUCTION SHOPS (RETAIL / WHOLESALE), TRADING ORGANIZATIONS, DEALERS, REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES, CONSTRUCTION ORGANIZATIONS, INSTALLATION TEAMS. ⭐ Add this ad to your favorites so as not to lose! ☎ Call or write right now we are working, 7 days a week!
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