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    Serum for face

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    11/7/2020, 9:14 AM

    Аделина К.

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    ? Multivitamin instant serum ? HIT ? 18+ ? Instantly transform your skin, making it soft and velvety. ? Fine smooths the complexion. Helps cope with fatigue. "Carefully cares for your skin, significantly improving its quality and erasing imperfections." ?Ideal as a foundation for make-up. Suitable for all skin types. ?Price only 1200₽? ?Hydro-active ? 18+ ? In the composition of hyaluronic acid, elastin and amino acid L-PCA. ?Having a thirst for the skin from the first minute of application and instantly gives comfort. ? Supports healthy hydro ballistics of the skin. ? Instantly removes dryness and a feeling of tightness. ? Heals the dehydrated skin and improves it day by day. ? Suitable for dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin. ?Price only 1200₽? ?Sort against pigmentation and couperose ? 18+ ?Aluminizes, helps to cope with the problem of pigmentation and couperose. ? Equalizes skin tone, eliminates redness and pigmentation spots. ?Hyaluronic acid fills the cells with moisture to create a smooth, healthy and beautiful skin. ?Suitable for sensitive skin with signs of pigmentation and couperose. ?Price only 1200₽? ?Slowing lifting effect? 35+ ? Starts the process of rejuvenation at the cellular level, eliminating the very cause of wrinkles. ? Significantly reduces wrinkles. ?Corrects even deep wrinkles, visibly tightens the oval of the face. ? Equalizes and compacts the skin, providing a pronounced lifting action. Skin becomes noticeably supple, smooth and tender. Suitable for all skin types. ?Price only 1300₽? ? Regenerating serum-antioxidant? 35+ ? Eliminates aging processes and accelerates regeneration at the cellular level. ? Remarkably changes the skin after the first application. ? Equals the tone of the face and erases the marks of fatigue. ?Hyaluronic acid instantly imbues the skin with moisture and significantly increases its elasticity, stimulating the production of collagen. ?Price only 1300₽? Free delivery in Saint-Petersburg? ➕ nice gift ? ➕bonus card as a gift ?