Starting-charging device REVOLTER MIN 7000 ma / h, Saint Petersburg - Advert to sell, Price 3 500 ₽, Posted: 5/6/2019

    Starting-charging device REVOLTER MIN 7000 ma / h

    3 500 ₽
    5/6/2019, 6:24 AM

    AKBLAND Антон

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    REVOLTER MINI - the most compact starter, the dimensions of which fully justify the name. This model will be especially pleased owners of motorcycles. Due to its size (comparable to the Iphone8), it will fit in a small trunk of a motorcycle or quad bike. A peak current of 300A is capable of starting a motorcycle engine or a car with a gasoline engine up to 2.5 liters. Battery Capacity Revolter Mini is 7000mA / h. The price of this device is so affordable that it is close to the cost of a conventional power bank. In the mind of a motorist for many years, an image has formed, as if the starting-charging device is necessarily something cumbersome and inconvenient, a large piece of iron, which is used in car services and workshops. The starter can now not only start the internal combustion engine, recharge the phone, tablet, but also fit in the smallest glove compartment, a pocket of a backpack.