Artificial Christmas tree-105cm, USSR, Severodvinsk - Advert to sell, Price 300 ₽, Posted: 12/31/2019

    Artificial Christmas tree-105cm, USSR

    300 ₽
    12/31/2019, 1:57 AM

    Валентина К.

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    Severodvinsk, Arkhangel'skaya Oblast', Russia
    #1. Christmas tree art. 0.6m USSR 1989: c. 5 rub 20 kopecks Stamp OTK, Cheboksary. The Christmas tree is in excellent condition, very compact, stable, collapsible. Options: 4 tiers, crown, trunk (3 parts), stand (plastic), cardboard box. Price 400 rub. # 2 Christmas tree art.105cm. Grade 1. USSR (early years): c. 6 p. 80k Stamp OTK. Ostashevskaya toy factory, Moscow region The fir-tree is steady, folding: 4 tiers, a crown, a trunk (tree), a support. Price 300 rub. with a garland. # 3 New Year's FESTIVAL, USSR, for 15 multi-colored light bulbs free of charge to the Christmas tree. Now it does not turn on, because there is no one light bulb. If someone has something like this, the garland will work. * There is also a collection set of Christmas tree decorations "Baby" in the profile, other Christmas tree decorations from the time of the USSR, Wolf mask, 3 crowns, 2 New Year's dresses and various figurines made of porcelain and prickly plastic.