Cashier, Tver - Sale advertisements, Price 47 000 ₽, Published: 20.11.2020


    47 000 ₽
    20.11.2020 4:59 PM

    ООО Садоникс

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    Tver, Russia
    Responsibilities: Work at the cash register. Requirements: Responsibility, attentiveness, desire to work. Citizenship of the Russian Federation No work experience. Conditions: We offer work on a rotational basis in Moscow and the Moscow region on the territory of the employer. We are a direct employer. A cashier's vacancy in hypermarkets is always open. 1. Employment under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. 2. The salary of our employees is transferred to a bank card (the salary card is made free of charge). Advances once every two weeks. 3. Watch-45/60/90 work shifts to choose from day or night. Work schedule 7 / 0.6 / 1.5 / 2 Duration of shift 11 hours (break 1 hour). Further, the employee himself decides for how long to extend the shift, there are no inter-shift restrictions. 4. Seven Benefits in Employment! Free accommodation; Free full meals three times a day; Free corporate transport; Free education; Stable and timely wages; The ability to transfer to other positions; Assistance in the design of a medical book. 5. We accept everyone, vacancies are always open! No work experience. Education is free. Upon completion of training (2 days), a certificate is issued. 6. We will help you to issue a medical book without interrupting production. 7. Special clothing is issued at the facility. Work on a rotational basis, employment and settling in a hostel - on the day of your arrival. We will be happy to answer all your questions, we are always in touch!
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