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    HR manager

    20 000 ₽
    03.01.2021 10:44 AM

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    Responsibilities: 1. Search for candidates for the position of "Client Relationship Manager" in agreement with the company's management 2. Conducting interviews 3. Preparation for the company management of a mini-report on each candidate at the end of the interview Requirements: 1. Ability and desire to communicate with people 2. Focus on results 3. Competent speaking and writing Conditions: 1. Salary is calculated at the rate of 8% of the actual turnover of each manager who will be hired through you. Due to the current economic situation in the country (high unemployment) and due to the fact that our company does not impose any special requirements on client relations managers (whom you will need to interview), and their number is not limited, you can easily earn from 20,000 rubles and more, which corresponds to the salary of a personnel manager in any company. But unlike any other company, we are ready to hire you even if you have no experience. Personal qualities (specified in the requirements for this vacancy) are important to us, unlike other companies that are looking for an experienced HR manager. 2. The first month is a trial period. It differs only in that the registration is under a civil law contract. Everything else (functionality, salary) remains the same. After the probationary period - registration according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation 3. Career growth to HR director 4. Consider the current students, taking into account the academic load 5. If you are applying for this vacancy, then either you need to be ready to come to Yekaterinburg periodically, or be ready to work remotely. You choose the number of trips to Yekaterinburg yourself. For our part, we are completely ready to work remotely (there are all technical possibilities for this)
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