Nozzle Engraver, Tyumen - Sale advertisements, Price 300 ₽, Published: 07.06.2022

    Nozzle Engraver

    300 ₽
    07.06.2022 12:35 PM

    Евгений Грин

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    Tyumen, Russia
    No. 1. Stones. Price 300 r. in cash or at a meeting on a card. Engraver stone set for grinding metal, wood, glass, etc. Rod diameter 3 mm. Pink for rough, blue for medium. --- No. 2. Set for fine processing. Price 300 r. Engraver set number 2 for finer grinding of metal, wood, plastic, glass, etc. Rod diameter 3 mm. Compound: Brown - rubber with abrasive, Green - rubber, Yellow stones - for fine polishing grit 240, White - a wool felt pad (quite hard, the hairs do not stick out) for use with polishing paste. --- No. 3. Cutting discs for engraver, For 200 r. reinforced discs 1 mm thick. Unlike ordinary thin blades, these blades are much better suited for cutting thick metal. for a long time they do not break and do not scatter into fragments, as can happen with thin disks. 10 pieces. discs with a diameter of 32 mm. and one nozzle to them with a rod thickness of 3 mm. --- No. 5. Brushes. Price 300 r. A set of metal brushes 12 pieces (as in the photo). Suitable for an engraver to clean, for example, old paint in a hard-to-reach place. Shank diameter 3 mm. --- No. 6. Circles of sandpaper. Price 400 r. Round nozzles for grinding flat surfaces. 100 pieces. and one velcro attachment. -- No. 7. Wood cutters. Set for 400 rubles. --- No. 8. Felt nozzles. Set for 300 rubles. (as in the photo). --- No. 9. Pasta Goi for 150 rubles. for a jar. Available for metal or plastic. --- No. 10. Milling cutters for metal. Set for 950 rubles. --- Take away: Olimpiyskaya 31 (near Sovremennik) on weekdays after 18.00 and on weekends. --- It is possible to send the necessary sets by transport companies on an advance payment. Sending in the amount of 1000 rubles. --- First write, and then call if I do not answer for a long time. The main thing is in advance.
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