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    Black dots face mask

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    1/16/2019, 8:44 AM

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    A unique novelty has appeared on the market of cosmetics for problematic skin. In terms of its effectiveness, the mask from acne and black spots of the Black Mask leaves all analogs far behind. Black mask film of acne and black dots Black Mask deeply cleanses the skin from pollution and pores from black dots. In addition to cleansing the pores and removing black spots, this mask also removes dead skin. It will help get rid of defects that spoil your beauty, and prevent their reappearance. Natural ingredients, simple application, quick action - these are some of the main advantages of the drug. In the process of using, you will be able to make sure that the mask has other advantages. Useful properties Pimples, clogged pores and all kinds of irritations often arise due to insufficiently thorough cleansing. No matter how much you rub your skin with expensive gels and other means, there will be no sense from this. But the black mask film for the face of Black Mask in a few weeks will remove all the flaws. It has a wide range of possibilities: Eliminates pollution of any origin. Penetrates deep into the pores. Eliminates black dots. Nourishes the skin with nutrients. Normalizes the sebaceous glands. Makes skin soft and supple. Levels the surface. Improves complexion. The Black Mask mask film does not just solve individual difficulties. He radically changes your appearance, turning it from a problem into an ideal. How to use the tool? Procedures can be done at home - it is convenient, because not everyone can visit cosmetologists and beauty salons. In applying the mask for acne and black dots, Black Mask, adhere to the following recommendations: Apply a mask on problem skin, avoiding areas around the eyes and damaged areas. Wait for drying (usually it takes about half an hour). Remove the mask by smoothly removing it from the face. Wash with warm water to remove any residue. Use a mask three times a week.