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    Educational cards according to the method of G. Doman "Vegetables".

    130 ₽
    21.06.2022 10:15 PM

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    I will sell training cards according to the method of G. Doman "Vegetables". About item: Who is Glen Doman? Glen Doman is an American neurophysiologist, the author of the method of intellectual and physical education of children from the moment of birth. It is he who owns the words: "Every child can become a genius, and early development is the key to his genius." Doman developed his own system of pedagogical techniques, methods and criteria for comprehensive education. Part of this methodology is learning cards. With their help, you can significantly expand the vocabulary of the child and even teach him to read. If the baby sees the words written on the cards, and at the same time hears their pronunciation, then his brain understands and mechanically remembers this. How to deal with cards? Classes are best done from the age of 6 months of the baby. Every day, show the child the cards one after another, starting with five, gradually increasing the number by 3 pieces. Be sure to pronounce the words clearly. We develop from an early age! In this set you will find 12 cards with vegetables. The name of each is written in red, as it should be according to the Doman method, and is accompanied by a photographic image. On the back of the cards you will find interesting information about each vegetable. As your child gets older, read the learning facts about these foods to them. What is inside: - 12 cards with pictures and names of vegetables; - leaflet with information for parents. Work with your child regularly for proper development! Brand: LAS GAMES Article: 1716780 Certificate: Not subject to certification Country of origin: China Composition: Paper, cardboard Series: Las Igras Glen Doman Method Individual packaging: Package Package Size (Length x Width x Height): 0.5cm x 10.5cm x 15cm Size (Length x Width x Height): 10.5cm x 0.5cm x 15cm Gross weight: 55g Age: From 3 years old Number of players: 1 - 3, 1 player, 2 players Game time: 15 minutes Game genre: Educational
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