Educational cards “Learning English. Vegetables", 16 pieces, 3+., Vladivostok - Sale advertisements, Price 60 ₽, Published: 15.06.2022

    Educational cards “Learning English. Vegetables", 16 pieces, 3+.

    60 ₽
    15.06.2022 10:21 AM

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    I will sell training cards “Learning English. Vegetables", 16 pieces, 3+. About item: Why are learning cards useful? Educational cards will help the child to acquire and consolidate knowledge about the environment. There are 16 cards in this set. They have images and names of subjects that correspond to the chosen topic of study. All pictures are photographic, so kids can easily relate the studied material to reality. Each set has its own feature. With the “Vegetables” cards, the guys will learn the names of the fruits grown in the gardens in two languages: Russian and English. How do you say tomato in English? This set is suitable for both preschoolers and elementary school students. With it, you will learn the names of different vegetables from pictures with Russian words, showing your baby the real fruits. And with older children, learn English! On the back of the cards there are names of vegetables in English with transcription for ease of pronunciation. Enrich your vocabulary of foreign words! What does the game develop? - memory, - attentiveness, - knowledge of English. Inside you will find: 16 cards. Play with cards at home, in kindergarten and at school! Brand: LAS GAMES Article: 1262697 Certificate: Not subject to certification Country of origin: China Composition: Paper, cardboard Series: Las Games Accessible ENGLISH Individual packaging: Package Package Size (Length x Width x Height): 0.5cm x 6.5cm x 9cm Size (Length x Width x Height): 0.5cm x 6.3cm x 8.7cm Gross weight: 18g Age: From 3 years old Number of players: 1 - 3, 2 - 4 players, 2 players Game time: 15 minutes Game genre: Educational Reason for the game: September 1, Back to school, For toddlers and preschoolers Skill development: Outlook, Techniques, Speech production Teaching Methods: Glenn Doman Topic of study: Foreign languages
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