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    Part 1: P. Bragg, S. Maheshwarananda, R. Nordemar, V. Preobrazhensky "SPINE - THE KEY TO HEALTH". Wellness of the spine. Part 2: E. Velhover, G. Kushnir, J. Tsutsumi, Jacques de Langres and others. "HEALTH AT FINGER TIP". I treat myself. St. Petersburg, "Leila" - SOLD K. V. Dineika MOVEMENT, BREATHING, PSYCHOPHYSICAL TRAINING - 50 rubles 1986 - 64 s, silt The spiritual and physical strength of a person who knows how to control them is inexhaustible. A.A. Biryukov LEARN TO DO MASSAGE - 50 rubles 1988 - 48 s, silt The history of massage, its positive influence on various organs and systems of a person, the technique of performing the main massage techniques. Self-massage technique on various parts of the body. T.S.Lissitzkaya GYMNASTICS AND DANCE - 50 rubles Jazz - gymnastics, Disco - gymnastics, Breakdancing 1988 - 48 s, silt P.A.Fedotov SPOT MASSAGE AND YOUR FEELING - 70r 1989 - 20 s, silt The technique of acupressure is presented. The ability to use acupressure will improve your performance, relieve nervous tension, headache and toothache, and help avoid colds. Having studied the proposed methodology, you will be able to manage your well-being without medication. P.M. Kurennov FOLK HEALER - 150 rubles 1991 - 96 s The book contains more than 200 proven recipes for all diseases used by healers and doctors - naturopaths in many countries, in addition - the chapter "Miracles of hot bath treatment", the treatise "Why people die, often get sick and do not know the reasons for their ailments", as well as an article " About fasting treatment ". GREEN PHARMACY Set of 25 postcards 1981 - 200 rubles
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