Trendy gradient sunglasses in retro style, L'viv - Sale advertisements, Price 140 ₴, Published: 14.06.2022

    Trendy gradient sunglasses in retro style

    140 ₴
    14.06.2022 6:28 PM

    Олег Василів

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    L'viv, Ukraine
    Sunglasses protect from visible and invisible components of the light beam, primarily from the ultraviolet spectrum, which can provoke various eye diseases: snow blindness, cataracts and others. Ophthalmologists recommend buying glasses with UV 400 protection, which means that they are able to filter up to 99-100% of ultraviolet light. The color of the lenses does not affect the ability to filter ultraviolet light, it is rather a design decision. Category 4 - 8% -3% - light transmission. These are goggles for skiers and in the highlands, where sunlight combined with pure white snow, the sun puts maximum strain on the eyes. The material for the lenses are glass or plastic (acrylic, polycarbonate or polyurethane). Glass lenses have very good resistance to scratches, but the disadvantage is excessive fragility on impact (fall) and injury. In turn, plastic, in particular polycarbonate have good strength. -
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