How to get Bonuses
    • What are bonuses for?

      Bonuses can be used to elevate and highlight ads and other services on the site. Bonuses on Adverto work on a par with money! All the bonuses you receive are accepted for payment for any paid services.

    • How to get bonuses and how do they accrue?

      Bonuses are awarded for certain actions in the application of Adverto on iPhone or Android. You can get them by doing one or more of the following:

      • Register and get 10 bonuses.
      • Fill in the settings of your profile:
        • get 1 bonus for downloading the avatar
        • get 1 bonus for indicating your gender
        • get 1 bonus for an e-mail.
      • For each posted ad you get 1 bonus
      • Check the application every day and get:
        • on the first day - 1 bonus
        • on the second day in a row - 2 bonuses
        • 3 consecutive days - 3 bonuses
        • further on 3 bonuses for each entry day in a row.
      • You can share your profile with your friends or customers of your store.

        If the one with whom you have shared, registers in Adverto, you will be credited 5 bonuses for each user, and to whom you shared – 10 bonuses.

      • You can share any ad with your friends and you will be credited 1 bonus, if the Recipient of your message has clicked on the link through Adverto application on smartphone.
      • If your rating on another, similar website is higher than on Adverto, you can send the link of your profile rating from any other ad side to the chat with the administration.

        After reviewing, you will receive the same rating + 1 bonus.

      • After you sold your product on Adverto, leave a review about the buyer and get 1 bonus.
    • Restrictions

      Bonuses for registration by filling in the profile and as well as for the link with the rating works only one time. All bonuses for the "Share" operation work for each user who used your link.

    • How to use bonuses?

      If you are registered and have ads, log in to your profile. In the "SELL" section of the preview of each product there is a button (yellow circle, which shows the "speedometer").

      Click on this button and in the opened window you will see a list of services that you can apply to this ad. Connect the appropriate service, and it will be immediately applied to the ad.