Общие требования к размещению объявлений - ENG
    General Requirements for the Posting of Ads
    • 1.Each User may have only one account. It is forbidden to register a second account with another e-mail or phone number.
    • 2.Posting of ad for the sale of prohibited products and services is not permitted.
    • 3.It is forbidden to post the same ad (about the offer of the same product or service and whether you place them in different regions or categories, including through different accounts) repeatedly, if the User made a withdrawal of the ad from the publication before its expiration date and then published a new ad about the same product.
    • 4.In cases where the ad was withdrawn by Adverto due to the expiration of the publication period, then it is transferred to the section of the Personal Page "Archive", where the User can make it active again.
    • 5.The term of publication of ads for individuals is 1 month and for legal entities, depending on the category - from 1 to 6 months.
    • 6.It is forbidden to publish the same ad from different accounts.
    • 7.If you sold the product or your offer is no longer relevant, then make sure to remove the ad from the publication immediately after the deal.
    • 8.It is forbidden to post ads about non-existent and out-of-date offers. All information in the ad must correspond to reality and not be misleading.
    • 9.It is prohibited to place ads with deliberately false information about a product or service. For more details, see Description Requirements for Product or Service.
    • 10.It is forbidden to post ads containing any advertising information: by listing the range of products, services, prices, working hours.
    • 11.It is forbidden to place any advertising information on your photos: logos, watermarks, phone numbers, names and working hours. For additional requirements, see Photo Requirements.
    • 12.It is prohibited to post ads in which there are a number of different products or services, except for the offer of a kit. For each individual product and service, a separate ad with unique photographs must be posted.
    • 13.It is not allowed to have in the text of ad, title, name or photo an erotic, pornographic, obscene, extremist or offensive content.
    • 14.It is prohibited to place ads in a category that does not match the type of product, its description, photographs, characteristics, purpose and name in the title.
    • 15.Do not offer Prohibited Products and Services.
    • 16.The price of the product must be exactly the same you are ready to sell the product. For example, if you are selling a car at a price of 10,000 Euros, do not quote a price of 1 Euro or 50,000 Euro.
    • 17.Specify the currency in which you want to receive payment. You don’t need to add to the price field the words Euro, Dollar, etc. The currency is selected in a separate field.
    • 18.The price indication format allows two decimal places.
    • In case of receiving claims or complaints about the posting of non-existent product, as well as in other cases, Adverto has the right to demand title documents: company documents, documents confirming the registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, documents for vehicles and other documents.
    • In the event of discrepancy with the Adverto Rules, the Moderator may return the ad for correction back to the User or refuse to post the ad.
    • Violation of rules and requirements, as well as a large number of complaints from the other Users on ads can lead to blocking ads or the User's account.