Photo Requirements
    Photo Requirements

    Violation of rules and requirements, as well as a large number of complaints from the other Users on ads can lead to blocking User’s ad or User’s account.

    • 1.Qualitative and attractive photos of products - one of the key factors of a successful deal on the Internet. This greatly increases the chances of quickly selling your goods at a good price. We recommend not to limit yourself by posting just the main photo.
    • 2.The photos must be of good quality and correspond to the title and description of the ad.
    • 3.The product should be the main element in the photo.
    • 4.Place photos of only the actual products that are actually available.
    • 5.The use of inscriptions that attract attention, for example: "Urgent", "Sell", "Attention", "Action", "Cheap", "Discounts", "Gift" and so on, is prohibited on photos.
    • 6.Photos should not contain any contact information: name, surname, nickname, address, website, as well as other contact details, phone number, Skype, Viber or other means of communication.
    • 7.Photos should not have a background on which advertising products or printed publications are represented.
    • 8.It is forbidden to place photos created by using the method of arranging several images in the photo editor.
    • 9.It is prohibited to place logos that are not relevant to the product.
    • 10.It is prohibited to place third-party watermarks on photos, that advertise a product or company
    • 11.It is not allowed to have pornographic, obscene, extremist or insulting content in the photo.
    • 12.The presence of third parties on photos is possible only with their consent.
    • 13.In the ad, you can add from 1 to 20 images depending on the category of the ad.
    • 14.Photo requirements: the size should not exceed 20 Mb, the format is .jpg, .jpeg.
    For the Services Category, Placement on Photos are Allowed
    • 1.Photos of the service provider with his consent provided that the posting of the photo does not violate the rights of third parties.
    • 2.The logo of the company performing the service.
    • 3.Фотографий предыдущих работ этого исполнителя (например, фотографии удачно проведенного ремонта квартиры).
    • 4.Photos of the previous works of this service provider (for example, photos of a successful apartment repair).