Требования к размещению объявлений о животных - ENG
    Requirements for Posting Ads with Animals
    • 1.It is not allowed to post ads with dogs that have tails or ears cut off and birds with cut off wings, if this is prohibited by the laws of your state.
    • 2.Animals advertised as useful for work, or referring to working parents, are not allowed. Even if it's a guard dog or a dray horse.
    • 3.It is forbidden to advertise animals for food.
    • 4.Ads about the exchange of animals are not allowed.
    • 5.You are not allowed to give your pet to anyone under the age of 18 years.
    • 6.It is forbidden to submit ads for advertising animals intended for fights.
    • 7.It is forbidden to refer to the fact that animals are sold as Christmas or Easter gifts.
    • 8.It is prohibited to post ads about buying or selling animals banned in your region.
    • 9.It is forbidden to post ads about services for animals banned in your region.
    • 10.It is forbidden to post ads that contain information about cruelty to animals.