Требования к пользовательским аккаунтам - ENG
    Requirements for the User Account
    • 1.It is forbidden to post the same ads, regardless of the specified location or selected category, including through different accounts.
    • 2.Prohibited to use in personal data:
      • obscene language;
      • false information, including words and expressions, like: administrator, administration, administrator, moderator, manager, etc .;
      • expressions that call for violence;
      • advertising information.
    • 3.Bulk sending of messages (spam) to the other Users from User account is forbidden.
    • 4.Sale, purchase and transfer of bonuses are prohibited.
    • 5.It is forbidden to transfer money and bonuses between accounts.
    • 6.The administration reserves the right to block Users' accounts for violation of the rules of the service.