Requirements for Ads in Category Vacancies
  • General Provisions
  • 1.Vacancy - the type of proposal when the employer is ready to provide a vacant place on a permanent or temporary basis.
  • 2.Vacancies can only be submitted by Users who represent the interests of the employer on Adverto.
  • 3.Duplication of one vacancy, including in different sections of this category, is not allowed.
  • 4.Vacancy should be posted only in the city in which it is open. Posting of one vacancy in different cities, if they are not tied to a particular place of work, is prohibited.
  • 5.You can post the same vacancies (for example, a sales consultant) that are tied to the place of work, in different cities, at different metro stations in the same city. For retail companies and retail chains, territorial location in the form of a district, a metro station and the name of a shopping center is allowed. In this case, the position, name and physical address of the company or store must be indicated. For example, the Shop assistant (Shop Olympia, Victoria Station).
  • 6.For each vacancy, post a separate ad. Such ads not allowed: "Managers & secretaries are required".
  • 7.You can post vacancies for shift work and remote work in all cities where employees are searched.
  • 8.Placement of vacancies for network marketing companies and direct sales by independent distributors (sales representatives) is possible only after signing a special agreement with Adverto.
  • Forbidden to post vacancies
  • 1.Assuming the reserving cash or the purchase of products allegedly conducive to employment.
  • 2.For financial pyramids.
  • 3.Containing paid phone numbers, when the caller pays an additional fee for an incoming or out coming call.
  • 4.Offering sending short messages or registering on any internet websites, as a necessary condition to schedule an appointment.
  • 5.Which are prohibited or not conforming to the legislation on the territory of your state.
  • Vacancy description
  • The description of the vacancy must be competent, informative and detailed and consist of at least three blocks:

    • the job description of the applicant;
    • requirements for the applicant;
    • working conditions.
  • Specify the name of the company and the direction of its activities. If the company is engaged in production, then please indicate the name of the product or brand name.
  • Abbreviations can not be used in the job description.
  • Links to the websites are not allowed in the job description. The exception is cases where the job offer is directly related to the Internet resource, which is important to specify. For example: "An content editor is invited to the online magazine www.indexaco.com».
  • It is not allowed to make significant changes in the posted ads, completely changing the nature of the vacancy. For example: the company posted a vacancy for the "Marketing Director", changing it after to "Driver."
  • Photo
  • A photo can only contain the company logo, any other photos are rejected by the moderator.

In the event of discrepancy with the Adverto Rules, the Moderator may return the ad for correction back to the User or refuse to post the ad.

Violation of rules and requirements, as well as a large number of complaints from the other Users on ads can lead to blocking ads or the User's account.

Additional requirements for the description of the product or service, see:
General Requirements for the Posting of Ads
Requirements for Photos

  • Location
  • City

Use your mouse to drag and select the location where you want to find goods or services. You can then expand or contract the search radius around your selected point

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